We're starting to make a telegram bot. it'll be able to function as an admin bot and a bunch of other stuff. Why should you care? Well, once we're done with the engine, we'll be able to put it up for download allowing you to download and set up your own telegram bot as well. Why would you want that? How is it different from other bots? This one has an engine but also relies on plugins. so that means we'd be able to put up a website here letting people upload and download random plugins from random people. we'd make sure the most important plugins are available  like admin stuff, cat pics, and xkcd comics among other stuff a bot should do, but then upload a few demo plugins for people to get creative with!

There will be a bunch more information once the project is at a stage to be able to be released. if you want to help out, contact @mothgirlmusic on telegram. Even donating to our patreon with the button below helps the project