About Star

I love to play guitar every second i can... When it comes to music, my favorite genres are rock and chiptune, I love listening to bands like Anamanaguchi. Their song, "Another Winter" - which is from the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World videogame's soundtrack - is my all-time favorite. I like it because it's high-energy and just sounds great. When not playing the guitar, or providing backup vocals, I go to my other favorite, which is all things ocean. I also love studying marine biology and I also play a lot of video games when i'm not jamming out with the band.

My music knowledge is self-taught for the most part. I had some guitar teachers, but aside from Moth (the leader of the band), I haven't sung for anyone. This band gives me a great opportunity and the adventure is really worth it, too. There's nothing more relaxing than just laying back after a long day and watching the night-time sky with friends, even when in the city.

I don't know where I'm headed, nor does it matter sometimes, because being a guitarist is just simply fun. Lot of people to see and hang out with, lot of laughs ahead of me. I'll go in whichever direction the band goes, as long as there's music.

About Echo [Moff]

I define myself as a musician foremost, but I also dabble in coding, linguistics, and cryptography with some success due to their applications in programmed music. My favorite genres of music are widely varied, but the one I love the most is Complextro. I love the speed, the intricacy, and, well,the complexity of it. Its music designed explicitly to please and inspire others to dance to it. I’ve been working towards becoming a Complextro artist for a long time, and I think I’m making progress. From a very young age, I had piano lessons, and like many children who had piano lessons, I didn’t like them very much.

I just sort of went with it, but after a time I fell in love with the act of creating music. I own my own Digital Audio Workspace now, complete with all the instruments I could need. I had quite a bit of difficulty learning music because I wasn’t taught very well, but recently I’ve picked up most of what the industry professionals are required to know. I favor a mixture of live instruments, and logic sequenced notes for my own music.

I picked the name “mothgirl” because…I like butterflies, and moths are just fluffy butterflies. Its cute, I’m a girl, do the math. My music has always been more important to me than my name, however.

The feeling of having a group of people dancing to my music, being taken by the beat of it and moving with the sound of it, the speed of it, there’s really nothing that gives me a greater adrenaline rush, or sense of success. I am and hope to work towards fitting my genre better, but I don’t quite know how yet. The inspiration is everywhere, provided by all the great artists around me.

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